Why Your Pet Might Need Insurance

We want our pets to have the best in life, but sometimes ensuring that they receive all the care they need can be a costly endeavor. Vet visits and diagnostics add up quickly and can become a financial challenge for families of all economic levels

Nowadays, reliable pet insurance is becoming more common, and affordable options like Bivvy offer coverage in emergency care, orthodontic treatment, and accidents. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your pet may need insurance.

Genetic or Breed Specific Issues

If you have a purebred dog, you may know of certain issues to keep an eye out for. Whether it is the chronic skin conditions of “Bully breeds”, the hip joint issues in German Shepherds, or cancer risks in Golden Retrievers, you will want to be prepared to tackle these issues head-on when the signs begin to develop.

For mixed breed dogs, the beloved mystery mutts and scrappy street dogs, oftentimes their lineage can be a mystery and we may not know what to expect. That makes checkups, physicals, and diagnostics incredibly important for maintaining optimal well-being.

Emergencies Can Strike

Whether you and your pet live an active lifestyle or consider yourselves couch potatoes, there are several things that would lead to an emergency room visit. Ranging from your pet taking a late-night nibble of some food or plant that’s toxic to them, to venomous snake bites and car strikes.

Emergency room visits are oftentimes expensive and unplanned. That makes insurance a valuable asset, knowing that no matter what happens, you can be financially covered.

Keeping Your Pet’s General Care Obligations

Medical bills can be one of the biggest upfront expenses in caring for a pet. When working with your veterinarian, they may recommend diagnostics to help obtain vital information regarding your pet’s general health and organ function.

Additionally, there are requirements in care such as routine vaccinations, or the very expensive process of dental work which requires full sedation and monitoring. When insurance has your back, it makes performing these tasks a breeze as you will have less stress without having to try to budget their care.

Specialty Care Can Be Expensive

Not all conditions can be managed by your family veterinarian or even an emergency room. Some issues, such as cancer, heart disease, renal disease, or dermatological issues need to be managed by a veterinarian that specializes in these specific conditions.

The expenses involved in specialty vet care can range from the requirements for frequent follow-up visits, expensive bloodwork or imaging, to major surgeries. The costs for specialty care in some situations can easily come into thousands of dollars per visit. However, ensuring that they can see such specialists can be vital to ensuring that they are both happy and healthy.

Knowing You Will Never Have To Choose

If you ask any veterinary professional what their most painful thing they have to work with, many might say two specific words. Economic euthanasia. This refers to situations where a pet may have a treatable condition, such as a broken leg, but the owners cannot pay for treatment or diagnostics.

Statistically, economic euthanasia is on the rise. Unfortunately, the ability to make calls to treat without payment is often out of the hands of the immediate staff and veterinarians who have to answer to a practice manager or corporate office. Additionally, sometimes time-critical rehoming or fundraising just doesn’t pan out. Knowing that you have the comfort of pet insurance will mean that you will never have to choose between a life-saving procedure and feeding your family.

As you can see, insurance doesn’t just make day-to-day care easier, but it can save your family from heartbreak and tragedy. Pioneering providers, such as pumpkin pet insurance provide your pets with streamlined, no-nonsense insurance with clearly defined terms.

Whether you are looking to adopt and planning ahead or already have one in your family, start with getting an estimate and see what kind of coverage works best for you.


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