WotLK Classic First Aid: What, How, Why?

In World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic, although you can only select two Primary Professions, you can select multiple Secondary professions. First Aid is one of the cheaper Secondary professions. More importantly, this profession is not only suitable for all roles to learn, but also does not conflict with other professions.

With the release of WotLK Classic, all professions in WoW have been tweaked to some extent, and First Aid is no exception. First of all, the upper limit of the skill level of this profession is higher than before. Second, the updated First Aid adds two new treatments. This guide will take you through all aspects of First Aid.

Training First Aid In Northrend

Before heading to Northrend to level up your First Aid, make sure you have become a Master of First Aid. This also means that your First Aid level must reach at least level 360.

For those players who have already completed such leveling ahead of time in the Burning Crusade expansion, there is no need to worry. But even if you haven’t completed the leveling, don’t worry. If you purchase Master First Aid – Doctor in the House directly with WoW WotLK Classic Gold, it can also help you get the title of Master of First Aid quickly.

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When your First Aid level reaches 360, you can head on to Northrend and learn Grand Master First Aid. Below are the trainers in Northrend who can teach you how to level up to that title.

  1. Horde
  • Sally Tompkins: You can find her at Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord (on the second floor of the building next to the inn).
  • Nurse Applewood: You can find her at Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra. Specifically, she’s standing near the Alchemy trainer on the main floor of Warsong Hold.
  1. Alliance
  • Anchorite Yazmina: You’ll see her by the campfire after walking from the dock in Valgarde, Howling Fjord.
  • Brynna Wilson: She often stands by the well in Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra.
  1. Neutral

Olisarra The Kind: If you want to find this trainer, you can do it in three ways.

  • First, she can be found in Dalaran.
  • Second, you can find her in First to Your Aid.
  • Third, you can try to complete the Daily Fishing Quests. Because she plays a very important role in whether the task can be completed.

Here I would like to remind you that as long as you can complete the Magical Kingdom Of Dalaran quest at level 74, you can find all the trainers you are looking for in Dalaran.

When you find trainers of your faction in Northrend, they will not only teach you how to level up, but also how to make Frostweave Bandages.

In Patch 4.0.1 2011, these trainers will also tell you the secret recipe for Heavy Frostweave Bandages. But in the current version, to get the recipe, you have to find Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage.

The manual is a BoP world drop. Typically, this item will drop from mobs throughout Icecrown, Zul’Drak, and Grizzly Hills after you complete corresponding quests. Of course, you can also use the easiest way. That is to buy the manual directly with WotLK Gold.

How To Find Frostweave Cloth?

Frostweave Cloth is one of the essential materials in the leveling process. Under normal circumstances, any humanoid mob, including the undead enemies wandering in the eastern half of the continent, will drop this item. So where can you find Frostweave Cloth?

  • When you defeat undead and humanoid enemies from Dragonblight and some parts of the Southern Coast of Borean Tundra, they will drop this item.
  • You will get this item when you choose the quests in Howling Fjord and kill the dwarves in Vykrul and Whispering Gorge as required.
  • After completing any instance (including the Utgarde Keep instance) containing humanoid mobs, you can pick up the Frostweave Cloth dropped from them.
  • Run dungeons like Drak’Tharon Keep in Zul’Drak. You can also find the Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage here.

First Aid Leveling

If your First Aid skill level has reached the maximum cap, all you need to do is collect all the materials you need and raise your First Aid level to 450 as soon as possible.

At this time, if the other profession you choose happens to be Tailor, then you can complete leveling faster. Because while being a Tailor, you’ve already stocked up plenty of Frostweave Cloth.

Frostweave Bandages

After you have crafted 80 Frostweave Bandages, you can increase your skill level from 360 to 400. While you can use these regular bandages to level up to level 400, I recommend getting the Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage as soon as possible during the leveling process. That way, you can start crafting Heavy Frostweave Bandages at level 390.

Heavy Frostweave Bandages

Whether by completing quests, farming, or buying directly from the Auction House with World of Warcraft WotLK Classic Gold, you’ll need to collect 180 Frostweave Cloth and craft 90 Heavy Frostweave Bandages. Because only then will you be able to increase your First Aid skill to max level 450.

Why We Should Level First Aid?

The professions that can use healing in WotLK Classic are not only First Aid, but also professions such as Priest or Shaman. But this does not mean that this profession is optional, but it is very important.

For example, Raiders will always need bandages as their already extensive potions in addition to oils and buff foods when running dungeons. Therefore, for those players who want to experience endgame content, it is very necessary to increase the First Aid skill level to the highest level.

Even if you don’t plan to run a dungeon, you also should maximize your First Aid level and use this profession frequently. Because bandages are different from other consumables such as food, they can be used not only during combat, but also for all types of professions.

Since bandages reduce downtime between fights in the open world and PvP battles, you can also choose to use them when a conventional healer isn’t available.


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