Gambling has always amused people with the level of excitement and curiosity it holds. At present, there are many sources of gambling. It is not restricted to physical mode only. Today, online gambling has taken a major jump of all time. Some play it for fun, while some make it a profession. However, one cannot make living out of it, as there is a factor of luck in it. When it comes to gambling, luck holds the supreme spot. No matter how hard you try, you cannot succeed if have hard luck. The most luck demanding gambling is the lottery.

Understanding the concept of lottery

According to its general definition available online, “lottery is a method of bringing in cash for the public authority, for a noble cause, and so on by selling tickets with numbers on them and offering prizes to individuals who have purchased certain numbers which are picked by some coincidence”. It clearly states that it’s a way by which government make money. If the government is making money, then the chances of winning a lottery automatically become slightly less. But, never underestimate luck. There are instances where many poor people, with their luck, have become extremely rich just in one night. Another important factor is repetitiveness. The more you try, the more the chances of becoming winning the lottery. Try your luck and ตรวจหวย.

What is ตรวจหวย?

ตรวจหวย is a type of lottery system in Thai. It is a government-controlled system. If you want to enter this type of exciting gambling, you must ask for permission first. The permission is granted by the Thai government. Moreover, all the rules and policies are also decided by the government of Thai.

This lottery is issued every 1st and 16th date of each month. However, there are few exceptions to it. If any national or international holiday falls on either of the above-mentioned dates, the date of lottery announcements is shifted to other days. These alternative dates are not kept very far from the originally decided dates. For example, the 1st of January is a declared holiday for New Year. So, the adjusted date could be the 30th of December or the 2nd of January.

How does ตรวจหวยwork?

The working of ตรวจหวย is not very complicated. Let us understand more simply. The Thai government has set some rules regarding the working of the whole ตรวจหวย system. Currently, the administration first checks the lottery and then decides to publish it. The office sells lottery tickets each of which includes more than 50 sets. All these sets have different types of series which have their own pre-determined unique goals. The first sets include series from 01-50 which is a normal lottery. The second set has series from 51-100 which has been decided as a charity lottery.

The lottery check has numbers from 000000–999999. The lottery checks which appeared before 1995 would have a 7-digits lottery number, unlike the present 6-digits numbers. Also, there are two pairs of tickets available. That means a single card will show two sets of the same number. This type of strategy is used to get more people into this business. Surprisingly, this method has its advantage. Having two similar sets of the number on one card will make it easy for you to have more money. It will allow you to be eligible for twice the prize from an already decided lottery check. Under the circumstances, like split sales of error in typing, you will only get one set of prize money, if you win the lottery. Further, if you win in more than one category from the same ticket, you will receive the prize money as per the set winning amount.

Have queries? We are here to clear those!

Not all, but, some of your doubts might get elevated after going through the below-written text. Beginning with the question of who will receive the prize money. Just like any other lottery gambling, the prize money of the lottery will be given to the winning lottery holders. No other person than the original lottery holder is eligible for the prize money.

Moving further to the question of how much time will it take to receive the amount? Worry not, if you have won the lottery you will get it. You must not forget to keep checking for the lottery numbers to claim the prize. With your great, if you get lucky enough to get to those magical numbers, you should immediately apply to get the amount. Make sure you do not surpass the time frame of 2 years; otherwise it will be difficult to claim the lottery ตรวจหวย prize.

You might also wonder what if all the lottery tickets are not sold? How would the government behave in that condition? It’s pretty simple. Usually, if all the tickets are not sold then one prize money is reduced from that section. This way the process of deciding winner becomes much simpler and the chances of winning ตรวจหวย also increases.

Apart from this, government requests all the participants of ตรวจหวย to pay the stamp duty. If you want to be rich instantly, there has to be some amount paid for that. There is a fixed rate at which all the participants are supposed to pay the stamp duty. You are given a choice of either paying it at the rate of 1 baht of the 200 baht prize money or you also pay a fraction of 200 baht.

There are millions of set numbers which makes it a little difficult to manage the whole process. In this regard, the government also alerts you of any kind of mistake that may arise in between. The Thailand government assures that all the prize information which is available on the internet is thoroughly supervised and verified by the lottery department. However, there still are chances of few mistakes. To overcome those mistakes, the government advises cross-checking the online available information from the information available in the official administration.


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