How To Exchange Crypto BTC to ETH?

There are over 500 platforms offering tools and wallets which you can use for exchanging crypto coins among one another. In return, platforms charge fees for their services. Bitcoin and Ethereum are listed on all crypto platforms as the most popular digital assets. It is crucial to pick a reliable service that would provide safety for your investments and proceed with your transactions quickly and efficiently. One of the best exchanges where you will find the most convenient and safe trading tools is WhiteBIT. Let’s see how to exchange BTC to ETH on this platform.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency ETH?

Ethereum is ranked second on all crypto rankings for this is the second largest crypto in terms of market cap, traded volume, and price. As of mid-February 2023, the value of one Ethereum coin is $1,649. If you want to buy Ethereum on WhiteBIT with fiat money, follow the steps:

  1. Register an account
  2. Pass verification (not necessary if you want to use spot trading and do not plan to withdraw large sums)
  3. Open the WhiteBIT converter
  4. Select the currency you have (any fiat supported by WhiteBIT) and ETH
  5. Indicate how many ETH coins you want
  6. See the price of Ethereum calculated in the equivalent of the currency you pay with
  7. Pay the commission.

ETH will be accrued to your account in a few minutes.

How to Exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum?

Now, let’s take a look at how to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum on WhiteBIT quickly:

  1. Create an account with WhiteBIT today by accessing their website and clicking the inviting “Sign Up” button. With a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to trading in no time.
  2. After signing up and logging in, it’s time to deposit Bitcoin into your WhiteBIT account. Just head over to the “Deposit” section of the platform and select Bitcoin as your currency. WhiteBIT will then generate a unique address for you only usable with this transaction. Send your funds there.
  3. After your Bitcoin transfer is affirmed, you are ready to enter the “Exchange” segment of the platform. Here, choose your desired crypto-to-crypto pair – BTC to ETH in our case, which will then redirect you to a trading interface.
  4. When you log in to the trading interface, your eyes will be drawn to a chart of the present Ethereum value in Bitcoin. To start exchanging, you must input how much Bitcoin into its respective field you wish to convert for Ethereum. The system will automatically calculate how many Ethereums it calculates at the current rate.
  5. To finalize the exchange, click “Buy” to confirm. As soon as your trade is completed, Ethereum will be added to your WhiteBIT account promptly.

By adhering to these steps, swapping Bitcoin for Ethereum on WhiteBIT will be as easy as possible. Just remember to review the fees and conditions related to each exchange before continuing forward.


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