Lesser-known Beaches in and around Chennai

Only beach lovers can understand that nothing is more serene than embracing the enchantment of the sun and the peaceful vibes of the pristine ocean. Planning a beach vacation is one of the best things to do when the monotony of your everyday routine begins weighing on you. 

Forget even those long holidays, beaches in or around Chennai are an excellent way of breaking the string of your routine drill. Stunning sea coast, sandy banks, and fresh breeze all sound fascinating, right? 

Therefore, rent a car in Chennai with a local driver and give yourself a small break by engaging in these beach escapades and making memories for a lifetime.

  • V.G.P. Golden Beach

Deemed one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated beaches near Chennai, V.G.P. Golden beach is the most popular beach destination you can visit with your family and friends. 

This awe-inspiring and serene beach is an attractive part of the Bay of Bengal, with its smooth and white sand and the second most expansive beach in the world. In addition, the rushing streams of the ocean tides and strong wind feel like a melody to ears, which add to the charm and exquisiteness of this site.

  • Panaiyur Beach 

Panaiyur beach is a comparatively lesser-known beach situated on E.C.R. Road, Chennai. The beach holds immaculate white sands and a neat environment, given the less footfall the beach experiences. While this beach remains entirely deserted during the day, you can find some hawkers and ice-cream vendors in the evening. Also, this isolated beach presents tourists with silence and peace. 

  • Elliot’s Beach

Another less explored and offbeat beach near Chennai, Elliot’s Beach, is just a few kilometers from the town and remains the perfect place for a quick getaway. This beach is well-known for offering a whole recreation experience to tourists, making them savor some time off. 

Elliot’s beach is commonly identified as ‘Bessie’ amidst the locals and has tranquillity oozing from every corner. At this beach, you will generally find the younger generation walking around the beach, immersing in the harmony and charm that it has to offer.

  • Covelong Beach

Situated in the center of Chennai and Mahabalipuram is this beautiful Covelong beach. One of the stunning spots to visit, this beach displays an ancient seaport that existed here and hence, has a bit of old-world attraction cinched to itself. Therefore, if you plan to visit some beaches near Chennai, you should unquestionably consider taking a stroll at the Covelong Beach and indulging in the adventurous water sports here. 

  • Breezy Beach

Located in Valmiki Nagar, Breezy beach is precisely what its name implies, a jaunty getaway to witness a serene sunset, away from the bustles of your daily life. As you need to pay no entry fee at this beach, you can use the saved money to relish some mouthwatering cuisines at restaurants like Golden Plates and Arusuvai Arasu. 

Also, this Breezy beach can be your top pick, given its excellent blend of a peaceful, serene getaway with plenty of eateries and supermarkets nearby. 

One of the best things to do after a long-drawn and boisterous day is to take a peaceful walk along the beaches. Although city life remains full of other fun activities, beaches present a healing feeling to our souls. Also, these coastal getaways in and around Chennai can be your picture-perfect destination. So get ready, book a cab using a top-rated taxi booking app and unwind yourself in the lap of these stunning beaches. 

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