What Indian celebrities like to spend time in casinos?

Casinos are a quite popular activity in India. While there are still some legal challenges that have limited land-based ones to a few places, these locations have thrived thanks to the fantastic revenue that they have received from these establishments. Online casinos, on the other hand, thrive in the country. A lot of people over there spend great time in these places, including celebrities. Parimatch is one of the most popular ones. However, there are many other portals that feature great games and forms of entertainment of their own.

As said before, there are many celebrities from India that participate in these kinds of establishments quite frequently. Many people have wanted to emulate them. Let’s see some of the famous people from this part of the world that have called some casinos home.

  • Raj Babbar. The politician and actor has been quite successful in different casinos. He likes to play lots of different games and has obtained rewards that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has tried lots of online and land-based casinos, with mostly great results.
  • Sikandar Kher. He is the son of the famous actress Kiran Kher. Not only is he an actor himself, but also a very proficient poker player with many successes under his belt. In fact, he was one of the winners of the IPC event that took place back in 2013 in the city of Goa.
  • Arbaaz Khan. The Bollywood star also loves cricket. Thanks to this passion he has managed to have some greatly successful bets in IPL matches. However, sometimes he did this in parts of the country where this was illegal, so he has had a few legal problems. Yet, he has stated that he is not the only Bollywood celebrity to make bets on the Indian Premier League,
  • Herman Baweja. He is famous for many things. First of all, he is well-renowned for all the movies where he has participated. Not only that, because he also has a degree in medicine, meaning that he is quite smart in everything he does. But there is more, because his intelligence has also helped him to be quite successful in different casinos all over India.
  • Jitendra. It was previously said that Arbaaz Khan stated that many Bollywood stars are gamblers of their own. Well, Jitendra is also famous for exactly that, and of course for the lots of great movies that he has participated in. He is famous for making huge gambling parties at his home in Mumbai, where hundreds of people at any given moment can be participating in different tables and winning lots of prizes.visit here to know more information : Pii-email

As it can be seen, there are lots of Indian celebrities that love casinos. Not only that, because some of them like Jitendra have set up casinos of his own where he makes big betting parties. Furthermore, some of them even had some legal trouble due to that. That’s why, in general, it is possible to find stories for all kinds of tastes.

Always bet responsibly

It is always a good idea to always encourage everybody to bet responsibly. There are lots of stories of people who completely ruined their finances because of excessive gambling that spun out of control. Anybody having trouble with this topic can contact the multiple entities that exist for helping people with these problems. Not only that, because some bookmakers and online casinos, such as Parimatch have set up initiatives of their own that encourage responsible gambling. All members of the platform can get access to said features and characteristics.

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