3 Ways in Which the Global Economy is Changing Our Lives

The global economy is rampant with changes that benefit us all. We can travel anywhere in the world and support foreign countries’ economies by buying from them, promoting their attractions and land on social media, or by cooking their foods. Any effort we do to showcase another country’s culture is also a way to support the global economy. Being able to communicate with people from other countries despite not knowing their language opens many doors to expand the economy as we know it.

We can make business with people halfway around the globe and exchange information to help each other’s countries grow. Nowadays, people can learn about different topics they wouldn’t find in their local schools through online training. Corporations can even mine minerals in foreign countries through treaties and negotiations that help build harmony among countries. There is a surplus of ways the global economy is changing our lives even daily—from our customs, fashion trends, idioms, currencies, and even our taste in movies and music. Here are some of the ways the global economy is changing our lives.

1. Worldwide Gold Mining

The mining industry is sometimes underrated or often criticized when helping the global economy flourish. However, mining is at the very foundation of what makes a country. It helps produce the necessary materials to erect buildings and cities, homes and cars, and even our banking industry. Based in Canada, one of the leading mining companies, Alamos Gold, is helping the world explore its mines and build communities through environmentally sustainable measures.

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They keep their workers safe with the proper training, equipment, and mining principles. Their diversified business portfolio includes mines like Young-Davidson in Ontario, and El Chanate and Mulatos in Sonora, Mexico. It also includes three mines in the United States and the Kirazli project located in the Canakkale Province of Turkey. The Kirazli project has had a yearly production of about 104,000 ounces of gold in the past five years. This gold project has helped Turkey’s economy through the company’s payments of their Mining State Right Royalty to the Turkish government, which goes to the development of the country.

2. eLearning

Another way the global economy has changed our lives is through online learning. Through what is usually called eLearning, we can hop onto a website or mobile app and learn about any subject we desire like programming languages, data types, javascript, python, and mining licenses for example.

Lambda helps companies do just that through their customizable eLearning products. They combine technology and education to provide other companies with platforms suitable for their audiences. They have worked with companies like Subaru and REALOGY in B2B operations to produce and manage their educational platforms. This company helps produce eLearning tools like courses, training, seminars, webinars, conferences, and podcasts, among others.

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With their platform, clients can use analytical tools and generate reports so they can further expand their businesses. They offer three different pricing packages for beginners, intermediate, and advanced brands. Some of the features in their packages include 5,000 users per year, unlimited courses, payment processors like Paypal, email templates, and 50GB of storage. These features are upgraded in each package—they grow as your company grows.

3. eCommerce

eCommerce is another way the global economy is changing our lives. It has become the preferred way to grow a business. It’s an excellent way to expand your market or niche. eCommerce platforms help you sell, market, and operate your business from anywhere around the world.

Anyone can run a business online—brick and mortar stores, artists, eLearning platforms, engineers, doctors, the list goes on. Nowadays you don’t need to know any programming languages or javascript to build your own website. Some companies provide this service and all you have to do is pick your favorite colors, drag and drop designs, and launch the site.

Our lives have become much easier as the global economy continues to grow, it’s no doubt we will continue being benefited as the years progress.


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