Vn88 likened Casemiro to shoot down Switzerland and Brazil in the 1/8 round of the 2022 World Cup sports magazine reported that Brazil became the second team to qualify for the 1/8 round after a 1-0 victory over Switzerland in the second round of Group G of the 2022 World Cup.

The Brazilian team is absent from Neymar in the match against Switzerland due to an injury to the 30-year-old striker. However, instead of looking for a player to fill Neymar’s place on a 4-man striker, coach Tite arranged a 4-3-3 formation, adding Fred to the midfield to give Brazil a more balanced squad. This is a suitable choice because Switzerland has a line of fast-paced strikers – That’s a quick share of the coach with Vn88 mobile sport.

The first half of the first half was a calculated and careful game from both teams. Since Cameroon and Serbia have only 1 point after 2 matches, Brazil and Switzerland can calculate the score for the closing leg. Brazil is not in a hurry to increase the tempo, and Switzerland is tense in defense. The middle line of the red shirt team pressed well, causing the trio of Richarlison, Vinicius and Raphinha to be divided.

The first opportunity only came to Brazil in the 27th minute. Raphinha made a very flexible cross on the right to eliminate the entire Swiss defense. However, in the situation where no one was accompanied, Vinicius could not defeat goalkeeper Yan Sommer. Vinicius did not hit the center of the ball in this situation, and Sommer also judged well.

Vn88cx commented on the game: Brazil only really got into the rhythm of the game after 30 minutes. Raphinha smashed Vinicius and then rushed into the middle, before firing a long shot, but Sommer again did it. situation master.

In the 38th minute, centre-back Eder Militao suddenly rose high and then shot a long shot to hit the Swiss defender and deviate from the goal. This is also the last remarkable ball of the first half.

The game in the second half was repeated when Brazil pressed, and Switzerland defended with a scientific and tight defense system. In the 65th minute, Vinicius took advantage of the laxity of the Swiss defense, silently went up to receive Richarlison’s pass on the left and beat goalkeeper Sommer with a standard correction.

But VAR denied Brazil’s goal after confirming Richarlison was offside before passing Vinicius down to face him.

However, Vn88 told NHM more that Brazil’s persistent pressure had subdued the resilient Swiss defense. In the 83rd minute, Casemiro subdued goalkeeper Sommer with a classy finish in the penalty area, grazing midfielder Manuel Akanji and changing direction into the net. This was also the only goal of the match.

He said: “The match against Switzerland will not be easy for Brazil without striker Neymar and right-back Danilo due to injuries. But I think Brazil will win 3-0 because despite beating Cameroon 1-0 in the first match, Switzerland is still not an opponent that can cause many difficulties for Brazil.

What media is interested in is who coach Tite will choose to replace Danilo when only 39-year-old veteran Dani Alves remains on the right wing. The Brazilian team is said to have the weakest wings in history. So now is the time when we can see what the reality is.”

Huynh Kesley also emphasized that Brazil will not be affected much without Neymar. “Not having the star Neymar in this match is a big loss for Brazil. However, this is not a big deal, because coach Tite has a lot of good strikers who can replace Neymar.

Richarlison’s double in the win over Serbia is an example, including an extremely beautiful goal. In addition, Vinicius also played well when he scored in Richarlison’s 2-0 scoring goal. For Vinicius, the goal is only a matter of time.”

The 2022 World Cup is entering the second round of the group stage. And Vn88 mobile thinks that Brazil is still one of the few impressive teams with Spain, France or Japan. “Before the opening match, I predicted Brazil would beat Serbia. Still, I was a bit worried that Brazil could make the same mistake as Argentina thinking that it would have an easy opening game and then admit defeat. However, Brazil played extremely seriously to win

They didn’t look down on Serbia, and that’s why Brazil won despite not being able to score for the first 45 minutes. And now, Brazil will beat Switzerland if they continue to approach the match seriously like the last time.”


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