Voodoo love spells

Voodoo is considered the fourth most effective branch of magic. Traditional European magic with its effective spells covering a wide range of life areas and safety-oriented approach has been in the top position of the rating for dozens of years. However, it doesn’t mean that voodoo love spells are bad and you shouldn’t use them. There are a lot of effective voodoo spells which you can cast at home. To find out how, keep reading this article.​

Like with any type of magic, a beginning spellcaster should start with three things: energy examination, treating the revealed energy problems (if any) to ensure a transition to a higher level of existence, and karma diagnostics. The latter is needed to make sure you’re not prohibited from using magic and occult practices by your karma. Statistically, about 70% of people have no access to magic (at least as spell casters). It means that their rituals will never bring the desired result. Fortunately, they’re allowed to work with professional magic practitioners. In this case they can get exactly what they want, especially if they hire a powerful and experienced spellcaster.

Using voodoo spells for love that work quickly is the best approach to ensure that your relationship remains joyful and profitable. Magic practitioners such as Spellcaster Maxim are in the most proper place to guarantee that all of your voodoo love spells function just how you want them to.

Voodoo spells for love

Often, before casting voodoo spells for love, one should straighten things out in one’s energies to become a better person. We’re sure you’ve heard about a theory that everything that happens around us is the reflection of our inner world. So by changing yourself, you can change the world around you, your life, your opportunities, and the way people see you, sometimes quite radically.

Let’s start with the most important thing – the way people see you. If the opposite sex barely notices you, if you always go home alone after a party while everyone else finds a date, if you feel like you’re invisible, your chakras are weak. If your chakras are weak, people around you don’t see you, no matter how good-looking, kind and funny you are. Your chakras just fail to send signals to others to trigger the desired response. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved.

You should work with your first chakra. This is very important for everyone who wants to cast voodoo love spells because this will help you:

  • Attract attention;
  • Stand out;
  • Become a more interesting person;
  • Get lost love back;
  • Make your partner fall in love with you over again;
  • Improve your sex life dramatically;
  • Beat your rivals;
  • Arouse love;
  • Meet a good partner;
  • Improve your love life.

There are four chakra exercises you should do throughout the day on a daily basis. To begin with, reduce your food portions to feel a little hungry all the time, unless not advised by your doctor. Eat little but healthy. Eat your last meal at least 6 hours before going to bed, and drink more water. Our body stops digesting the food 6 hours before we go to bed, allowing the energies of the universe to access our chakras. This is when chakras can get improved, while a little hunger improves their function.

The second exercise is called “unrooting”. It’s quite simple too. Go out and walk straight without making any turns for as long as you can (you can come back using public transport or taxi). Such long walks will make you step outside of your comfort zone renewing your fate. Perform this exercise as often as possible, preferably every day but not less than 3 times a week. If you perform it less than that, it’ll be ineffective.

The third exercise which should also be performed before casting voodoo spells for love is meditation. Sit down, relax, try not to think about anything but rather focus on your feelings. Listen to your body and send a love signal to it. You have to learn to love yourself the way you are. You have to learn to not care about what others think and know that you’re good-looking, smart, attractive, unique, and deserve love, happiness and harmony.

As soon as your body believes you love the target, it’ll work differently. It’ll boost your energy, transforming you into a sorcerer. If you don’t know what it means, please check the description of the “Sorcerer” card from a tarot deck.

The voodoo love spell

Apart from changing your external energy through internal energy changes, you should change your reality by cutting ties with your ex for good. If you dated someone and then broke up, any feelings your ex may still have for you may prevent you from finding new love. Thus, your love life problems may be caused by the fact that your ex is in still love with you (or hates you).

Curses and hexes should be diagnosed by a professional spellcaster. They should be removed by a professional spellcaster as well. Often this is enough for people to find love, and no other measures are needed. You should talk to a spellcaster if the same problem happens to you over and over again. For example, all your boyfriends cheat on you, have the same bad habits which you can’t put up with, or do something else which makes it impossible for you to stay in this relationship.

If it applies to you, you should remove the negative energy knots from your subtle bodies which cause all these problems. Professional magic practitioners do it quite fast. It’s also nothing like surgery or exorcism, so you won’t feel any pain. At the time, it’ll be extremely difficult for you to untie these knots by yourself. For example, while it takes professional spellcasters just a few weeks to accomplish this task, beginning magic practitioners spend three to five years to obtain similar results.

You can cut your ex-lovers or people who’re into you out of your life for good by yourself. To begin with, make a list of the people who you think may want to be in a relationship with you. Be honest. The fewer people there are on your list, the easier it is for you to work with each of them.

Buy some ground meat and put it next to yourself. 30 minutes later take your picture, set it on fire, and, while it’s burning, say:

“My picture’s burning but it doesn’t hurt me. My picture’s burning but the fire doesn’t burn me. It’s burning your feelings for me (say the name), it’s burning your secret dreams and expectations regarding me. My picture will burn down to ashes and so will your thoughts about me.”

Take some ground meat and mix it with the ashes. Then fold some dough over the meat and bake a meat bun. Let the target eat the bun to cut him out of your life for good.

It’s very important to do. There is a term “back burner” in psychology. It’s used to describe a person of slight interest who isn’t exactly qualified to date at the moment, but may come in handy later. You think that’s the safe way to do it, while in fact you’re programming yourself for failure. If you want new love, you have to cut ties with your ex for good. Only free people are entitled for new love.

If there are several people on your list whose feelings or affection for you may prevent you from casting voo doo love spells successfully, make one meat bun for each person, but always follow the below procedure:

  • Burn the picture;
  • Add the ashes to the ground meat;
  • Make a meat bun;
  • Give it to the target;
  • Make sure the target has eaten it;
  • Repeat the ritual for the next person on your list.

To cut all your ex-lovers or people who may have some feelings for you out of your life, you need one more list. You need to remember and make a list of the people who may bear a grudge against you. Negative charges, oral or mental, can affect your fate as well. You should free yourself of their anger and hard feelings. Put a chair in the middle of the room, put a picture on the chair, get down on your knees, and ask this person for forgiveness. Make sure to say the reason out loud why this person is having hard feelings for you.

Don’t try to call or message this person. A phone call or a message may remind them of what you’ve done strengthening the negative feelings they have for you. The right thing to do is to ask them to forgive you using their picture. You also cut off all the channels leading to this person, thus blocking the negative energy coming your way. You’ll feel it’s happening when you suddenly feel relieved.

This is what preparation for a voodoo ritual intended to arouse love is about. So now let’s get to the spell itself.

How to do voodoo love spells

How to do voodoo love spells if you’ve never practiced magic before? Always start with the easiest voodoo love spell. It’s a spell cast using a handkerchief. Soak it with your sweat. Women may go to a hot tub or a sauna for it, while men can bring a handkerchief with them to the gym and use it during an intense workout.

If you think you’re a very good lover, do as follows. Take off your clothes and start touching yourself down there, but don’t orgasm. The more sexually aroused you get, the more you’ll sweat. Wipe your sweat with the handkerchief to charge it with your sexual energy to seduce the target.​

Put the following spell on the handkerchief:

“A wonderful animal is running in the forest, but the forest is huge and there are no paths in it. The animal is fast, timid, and doesn’t come close to anyone. A lot of hunters have tried to catch it but failed. A lot of hunters have tried to stop it. A lot of women have tried to tame it. A lot of men have tried to be its master. But the animal didn’t yield to anyone, didn’t come close to anyone, and didn’t stay with anyone. I won’t set any traps. I won’t try to catch it. Instead of traps, I’ll leave my handkerchief. The animal will fall in love with me as soon as it touches it. When in love with it, it’ll be unable to fall out of love with me. This is when it’ll come up to me, trust me, and follow me. Nothing will be able to stop me ever. ”

Now go home to your loved one or to his office in case you work together, and throw the handkerchief on the floor. Walk away and then call the target and ask him if he happened to see a handkerchief somewhere which you might’ve dropped. Ask the target to look for it. When he tells you he’s found it, ask him to bring it to you. Meet him outside, near his home or office building to get him out of his safe zone, which is his home or office, with your handkerchief in his hand. Then take the handkerchief, thank the target, and leave. The spell has been cast. You’ve done a good job. If the target is destined to fall in love with you, he will. Otherwise, hire a professional magic practitioner to put a powerful love spell on the man you love.

There is another way to influence the person you love. However, you need to have access to his basement or attic. This method is great for people who live in a detached house alone (with no spouse, lover, children, parents, roommates, etc.). This spell shouldn’t be put on people who live in an apartment. To attract the target’s attention, make a guard voodoo doll. The difference between this doll and regular voodoo dolls is that you put not your energy or the energy of your loved one inside, but the energy of the spirit which is going to serve you.

This doll is made of dark clay soaked in water to soften it. Then it’s brought outside and left there. Come back in three days. If the doll has cracks and some parts have fallen off, grind what’s left and throw it on the ground. Go home, wash your hands, and don’t try to cast any voodoo spells again. The voodoo egregor has made it very clear by destroying your voodoo doll that it’s not going to help you perform your ritual. You’re not meant to practice magic and you won’t be able to handle the spirit sent to you by the egregor, so the egregor doesn’t give you access to magic.

If the doll is fine, pick it up carefully, bring it in, and start talking to it to tell it about:

  • Your house;
  • Yourself;
  • The fact that you’re in love with someone;
  • Your dream to be with this person.

Then prepare a personal thing of the target (such as a worn shirt), your picture and a natural red thread, and say the following spell (learn it by heart in advance to not make any mistakes):

“No one wanted to help me but you. I thank you for it. You know now what to do – guard (the target’s name) from other partners. Let all of them seem boring to him. Let all of them make him a bad lover. Let all of them give him a toothache. Let all of them make him dizzy. Let him listen only to me, let him be successful only with me. Leave him no choice but to be with me. Make him be able to be only with me.

This is how you can find him. It’s a piece of clothing of the person I’m sending you to guard. Remember his smell to not mix it up, to not lose sight of him. Follow him everywhere he goes and make sure he doesn’t feel good with others and does with me.”

Cut off a piece of the shirt, make a hole it in, and put it on the doll like a poncho.

Now say:

“Here’s my picture for you to know whom to bring the target to, to not forget who you’re guarding the target for, to remember whom you’re helping to find love.”

Roll up your picture, tie it with the red thread, and then tie it to the doll. Now bring it to the basement or the attic and hide it in there. The doll will ensure the target finds communication with others boring, while you’ll always seem like a fun and nice person to be around and eventually he’ll fall in love with you.

Voodoo love spells that work fast

We’ve already told you how to perform voodoo rituals and received a lot of feedback. One of the most frequently asked questions about voodoo has been how to cast voodoo spells that work fast. To understand the answer to this question, you need to understand not only how voodoo operates but also how magic does in general. The thing is the energy power of a spellcaster is very important in traditional European magic. The more powerful the spellcaster, the faster and more effective his spells and the longer they stay effective.

But that’s the problem. A beginning magic practitioner is unable to handle the spirit helping him. After calling it up, he won’t be able to control it and will get hurt. So we don’t suggest casting fast voodoo spells without having good skills and knowledge of magic. To prevent you from trying to prove us wrong, we just won’t tell you about how to cast such love spells.

We’d like to answer the following question instead: What are signs of voodoo love spell? First of foremost, you find yourself being in love with someone you’ve known for a long time but were never attracted to. You feel emotionally dependent on this person – you feel peaceful and calm when you’re with this person and anxious and scared when you’re not.

They say people who love each other are each other’s better halves completing each other. At the same time, when apart, they’re independent persons enjoying their lives just as much. It’s not usually the case when a voodoo spell is cast. On the contrary, people under the influence of a voodoo love spell feel scared and confused, unless they’re next to their loved one. They find themselves helpless as if they can no longer access the energy of common sense, peace and creativity. But as soon as they’re back with their partner, they feel much better, so they consider their relationship to be the most important thing that’s ever happened to them and their partner the most important person in their life.

People feel deeply shocked as soon as their voodoo love spell is removed from them. They realize they’ve been under hypnosis the whole time and finally feel free. Luckily, they recover quite fast, usually within a few days, and get their normal life back. They still can be put another spell on, but knowing it spellcasters try to protect such clients offering them custom-made amulets and talismans. They protect people from all kinds of spells, including voodoo love spells.

Powerful voodoo love spells

When powerful voodoo love spells are cast, the same rule applies – the more powerful the spirit you manage to call up and bend to submission, the more effective your spell will be. You should know by now that all branches of magic are different. Some of them work based on your energy, willpower and ability to transform your dreams into reality, while others, such as voodoo spells, engage spirits and ghosts, or egregors, such as Gypsy and Druidic magic.

Anyways, when you try to get a creature that’s stronger than you to help you, you become its puppet. It’s no surprise, considering you can’t see or hear this creature and therefore you can’t understand it or fight it back if needed. For this reason we often say there are just two ways to reach a goal with magic. The first one is to hire a powerful magic practitioner. To help you select one, we’ve published an article on our blog for an easier and faster search. The second one is to cast spells which result depends on you rather than some spirits.

This is, above all, powerful European magic. It’s almost risk-free, especially if you use white love magic. If your spell proves to be unsuccessful, you won’t get the desired result, but your energy and fate will stay intact. Your life won’t improve because of it, but it won’t be affected by it either. If your voodoo spell fails, you’ll be punished by the spirit you’ve engaged. It’s like a mosquito or a fly that wouldn’t leave you alone on a hot summer day. However, the spirit is a thousand times as dangerous. It won’t just bite you once and leave. It’ll feed on your energy for years until there’s no energy left in you.

Knowing it, some owners of websites with esoteric content use one trick. They describe a European love magic spell which works based on the spell caster’s energy claiming it to be a powerful voodoo love spell. They think it’s safer for their readers but they’re wrong. Our energies always locate the addressee.  When you think you’re casting a voodoo spell, you reach out to voodoo spirits, no matter what ritual you’re performing. As a result, you call up one or more spirits which proceed exactly as expected in African or Haitian magic. Since you’re not prepared for such an encounter because you had no idea it’d happen to you, the outcome is usually very sad.

There is another reason why love spells should be purchased from modern European magic practitioners rather than voodoo shamans. Modern magic is based on the following principles: it should be effective, fulfill wishes accurately, and safe. The first two principles can also apply to shamans, even though not many of them are skilled enough to offer effective and accurate spells. As for the last one, most African and Haitian magic practitioners don’t really care if their clients are safe or not.

They have no other choice. They wouldn’t be able to practice voodoo if they gave all their energy to the spirits. Moreover, they simply wouldn’t survive! So they often work according to the following procedure: a client places an order – they engage a spirit – the spirit fulfills the client’s wish – the shaman leaves the spirit one on one with the client – the spirit starts devouring the client’s energy. To stop it, you need to end the relationship the spirit helped you build.

Yet the best way is to work with modern European magic practitioners who prioritize your safety and have a proven track record of successful spells.

It’s simple to get in touch with somebody who has the knowledge and techniques to succeed in your relationship. Contact enchantment experts like Spellcaster Maxim to maximize the effectiveness of your spells. Check more


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