How to buy fake diploma online?

Did you know that with one simple search you can find different websites to buy a fake diploma online? Open the first result of the search and you will come to a website where you can order a diploma. You fill in the order form and the diploma will arrive on your doorstep within a few days. Some sites claim that they can even arrange a registration within the register of the Education Executive Agency (DUO).

Websites, where you can buy fake diplomas, are doing good business. The sites take advantage of the shortage in the labor market by selling diplomas for a few hundred euros. The MBO Council sounds the alarm.

Have you not completed any training but do you want to work? Then you ‘just buy a diploma. All you have to do is send an email and within two days you will receive the diploma by post from a reputable company. Waterproof and without consequences. The fake diplomas mainly appear in the healthcare and technology sectors. Several websites offer this remarkable service. Buy our premium scannable fake id with the best security elements.

Where can I buy fake diploma?

Check the diploma, because the diplomas cannot easily be distinguished from the real variant with the naked eye, the Council warns employers to be alert and not to hire a potential employee who is in doubt. To be sure that a diploma is genuine, an employer can check the diploma register of DUO, which contains the diploma details of recognized study programs. However, an employer cannot do this itself but must ask the applicant or employee to do so.

According to the texts on the websites and from the automatic e-mails they send, customers don’t have to worry about anything. Buy Best quality fake certificate in most favourable prices.

Applicants increasingly use false diplomas. Especially in healthcare and installation technology, quite a few unqualified nurses and mechanics knock on the door for a job. However, employers can easily check whether applicants are really certified. Employers can ask the applicant for a digital extract via the online Diploma. And if the diploma is now from way before the digital age? “No problem,” You can request a statement of the exam you have taken. False diplomas are widely offered on the internet. You only have to type ‘buy diploma’ in Google and you will get a whole range of providers.

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It is difficult to spot physical fake diplomas. For starters, you need to know exactly what the original looks like, and then again. The falsifications are cleverly made; a layman falls for it. It is better for employers to request an extract from the Diploma Register. If you are interested in buying a diploma from a reliable site, then checkout

DUO has two specialists who are trained to recognize false diplomas. They take action when people want to have their physical diploma revalued, for example, because they want to use it abroad.

Occasionally a fraudster with a false diploma knocks on the door of DUO, but he is sure to fall for it.

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