Tips to Maintain Healthy Relationships During lockdown

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, many aspects of our lives have changed. We all have to adapt by balancing the various elements that come with this ‘new normal. It has not been easy for many, and some have found that maintaining a healthy relationship in a lockdown can be difficult. As people are struggling to cope with the impact of the epidemic on their health, jobs, finances and social relationships, couples living together are also finding themselves in a completely new dynamic where they suddenly find themselves together 24 hours a day.

Here are some tips on how to maintain healthy relationships during lockdown


Communication is important in every relationship. Talk to your partner or family members about the most mundane things; your loved ones will not know what brings you happiness and what not if you are not open to them. More importantly, listen to them, instead of waiting for your turn to speak, really pay attention to their words. Talk about love, philosophy, your hopes and dreams; the possibilities are endless.

Experiment with new things

Amidst all the monotony, it is always exciting to do something new. If you feel that your life has become boring, then it is time for you to experiment with new things in life. This could be something that you have never tried, or you can plan something that is completely new to your family or loved one. If you succeed in this, it is very good. If you don’t do it, well, you can always laugh it together and make the most of the memories you’ve made.

Talk about how you feel.

It is important to check with your family and friends how each other is feeling and how you all want to manage any anxiety and stress. This time may reveal that you and your loved ones have different coping mechanisms, and not accepting it and accounting for it may result in conflict.

Practice appreciation and gratitude

The coming next few days and months are going to be challenging for all. None of them is going to be perfect in handling everything. Do your best and thank each other for being ready to try. Tell them ‘Thank you and appreciate them for being supportive. As challenging as everything is at the moment, there’s also a lot to be thankful for. Try to share a few things every few days that you’re grateful for. The more gratitude you express, the more you will find yourself noticing small moments to appreciate yourself. And we can all use more of them now.

Maintain self-care and routine

“Self-care is essential. With everyone’s schedule changes, it is important to establish and maintain some kind of routine. Waking up on time and it is necessary to eat a nutritious diet. Scheduling breaks, such as midday yoga videos or mediation sessions, can break up the day and help all of us stay grounded.

Set new Priorities

Since our view of the general situation is already turning upside down, this is the prime time to reset our priority list. And the consensus seems to be that health should be at the top.

Family and companions are also high on the list, as these are the people who, in a crisis, will sit with us on a desert island or whom we miss very much when we are separated by an epidemic.

Get involved in activities you love

It might not be your thing to watch sports or create new recipes every day, but try to do a little bit of running to get into the things that half of you like. Perhaps, over time, you will also enjoy it. However, this does not mean that you have to change your likes and dislikes, just sometimes an open mind can move a lot.

Balance Negative with positive

The magical ratio of a happy relationship is 5: 1. Five positive conversations for each negative conversation. This means that couples and family members can feel like they are in each other’s face all day because each member can work on having positive interactions with each other, regardless of Be it through compliments, smiles, warm comments etc.

Practice healthy habits

When you are practising healthy habits, such as getting enough sleep, practising stress-relieving techniques, exercising and getting fresh air, and balancing work and relaxation, both you and your loved ones at home from stress or stress Will be better equipped to deal with it.

Though times are tough, we all have to come together in these difficult times and support each other. Celebrate with each other every emotion, celebration and make your loved ones feel loved and wanted. As fathers day is approaching, send your lovely wishes with special  happy fathers day cards online, or you can make it yourself and convey your wishes.

We hope these nine ways to maintain a relationship at home under lockdown will help you and your loved ones stay connected and calm during this difficult time.

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