Wedding photo album types

Happy couples dream not only to have a perfect wedding ceremony, but also to get great memories of this day for all their lives. To this end, the responsible representatives of Vanilla Brides offer beautiful and long-lasting photo albums for weddings, which you can evaluate and order.

Today, many people save the best moments of their celebrations on electronic media. But the real pleasure of the captured emotions and events can be obtained only by leafing through the pages with printed photos. They may be both classic and original, depending on the specifics of the celebration, the chosen photographer’s package and the wishes of the newlyweds. Photographic memories can be kept in a bookcase and taken out only on special days, you can always admire them by putting them in a prominent place, or use them as a gift. Therefore, there are some popular types of albums for weddings.

Matted Albums

Matte photo albums are traditional and the easiest options among wedding albums. Each page can hold one photo or more, so it’s easy to create a beautiful composition or story.

Such a traditional wedding photo album will be relevant for preserving memories from a formal or classic wedding. The photos in it are attached to a hard cardboard backing. In this way, each image has its own aperture, which looks very solid. It is pleasant to flip through the album, and the pictures do not lose their quality for many years, even if you review them several times every day.

Flush Mount Albums

Vanilla Brides offers more modern versions of photo albums for newlyweds. For example, the Flush Mount type is a certain number of pages without margins with one or more photos printed on hard cardboard. In fact, these are photo pages on which the following images are placed:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • combined.

Such a solution will fit perfectly into the style of the wedding celebration and will become a pleasant memory of the best day in your life.

Choosing this type of photo album, pay attention to the presence of a special protective coating on the printed pictures. It is important for keeping the quality of photos as the pages may stick together.

Parent Albums  

To please the people you love, many attentive brides and grooms order parent (or gift) albums. In fact, this is a smaller copy of the main wedding photo book, but it can have a different number of pictures and a different filling. You can choose the most touching and important photos, put them into a wedding photo album for parent to express gratitude and love to the closest people. The specialists of Vanilla Brides are sure that this variant of the gift will be the most valuable for moms and dads of newlyweds, because for them this day is no less significant. And when their children leave their parents’ nest, such an album will ease the moments of sadness and melancholy.

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