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Word vs PDF: Which Is the Better Format?

A document is an essential tool in communication, whether it’s in digital or electronic form or handwritten. By definition, a document is a record of all types of communications and transactions. Moreover, documents contain data for storing information. Therefore, creation, sharing, and handling documents are essential processes for every company or organization. 

Digital documents can be in various formats. However, Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word Doc format are the two formats that are universally accepted and preferred by many. Let us see how each differs from the other and how to convert Word to PDF, should you want to do so. 

Why use PDF? 

Many know what these two formats are for – Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. They are common types of documents at the workplace, at school, and anywhere else that written communication is present. Nonetheless, not many can distinguish their differences and why you need to convert Word to PDF. So, let us discuss when you should utilize a PDF. 

1. For Legal Documents

With PDF, legal and business documents are secured. These documents and forms must retain their appearance, and alterations or discrepancies are unacceptable, affecting the authenticity and accuracy of records or documents. Using this format, wording or terms of an agreement or whatever is in the form or file cannot be omitted or altered.

2.Multiple Formats in One 

If you need to create files with multiple formats, PDF is the way to go. For example, PDF allows you to import from Excel spreadsheets images of different formats, vector graphics, and import text from Word files.  

3.To Share and Send Files Much Easier

Anyone can view a PDF file with a free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, which is easy to download and standard on many computers running Windows operating systems. This fact makes PDF a preferred format by many. It is an ideal format for exchanging files among users. Moreover, it is compact and can store metrics and other details like color, content layout, fonts, etc. It means that it may not depend on the settings and fonts that may or may not be installed on the computer. With this feature, it can display the document correctly. 

4. Archiving 

PDF format is searchable. Thus, archived documents are easier to find and organize. In addition, PDF files are smaller in size. Therefore, they can be very compact and provide more storage. 

5. For High-Quality Printing 

PDF assures you high-quality printing. When you print a PDF file, you will have a precise page layout and high-resolution images. Your PDF will be printed exactly how it is presented on your screen. 

6. Perfect for Creating Online Content

Need to make your work available on the internet? PDF is a file format best for creating high-quality documents intended to be made available via the internet. It ensures that your documents are readable, displayed correctly, and alterations are almost impossible. Moreover, PDFs can serve as a web page because you can have bookmarks, intra-document hyperlinks and searchability, and a table of contents. 

If you are convinced with PDFs’ functionality and accuracy, then it’s time to convert Word to PDF. 

Convert Word to PDF With PDFBear 

With these 4 easy steps, transform the Word file to PDF using the PDFBear converter. 

1.Open PDFBear on your browser and choose the icon for PDF Converter.

2.Then, upload the file you want to convert. You may import your file from your smartphone or computer. The converter will automatically scan your document.

  1. Wait for your converted file. The conversion process finishes within 2 minutes. 
  2. Now, you may download your newly converted file. You may also copy the link and post it on your social media accounts. It is also possible to send it via email.

When Should You Use a Word Document? 

1. For Editing 

Word format is easier to edit. It provides you with compositional tools and other editing options that allow you to set the format of your document as you create it. When it comes to editing, the Word format is a more powerful tool. 

2. If You Want to Reuse Images

Since images in a PDF are embedded, it isn’t easy to extract and reuse images. So, better use a Word document format if you intend to use the images from your file again. 


So, which one is better, Word or PDF format? 

The best thing to do is to incorporate the utilization of both formats. If you want to edit your file quickly and extract images without difficulty, use the Word file format. However, a Word document is not advisable if you have included confidential information in your files. Alterations by other parties are possible. So, the best strategy is to create a Word file and convert it to PDF for security. 

A PDF provides many benefits, particularly with the accuracy, security, and quality of your file. Nonetheless, editing and deleting from your PDF is not easy. If you want to do so, convert your PDF first to Word. Then, convert it back to PDF. File conversion from one Word to PDF is quick and easy, use PDFBear, and you can convert files in an instant.

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