FAQs About Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents are sometimes unavoidable, and the victim must seek compensation for any injuries sustained or vehicle damage. A victim may decide to pursue the case on their own or hire an attorney. Many people have no idea what to look for in an attorney or what benefits they will receive. Here are some questions to ask a car accident attorney:

What Should I Do Immediately After the Crash?

Seek medical attention when an accident occurs, especially if you are seriously injured. Call 9-1-1 to report the incident and gather evidence, including photos of the scene, damages, and any injuries sustained. Take the contacts of the witnesses, including their addresses and phone numbers. Remember to document everything that led up to the accident because it may come in handy when proving your side of the story.

What Should I Avoid When an Accident Occurs?

In case of a car accident, avoid communication with an insurance adjuster before seeking the service of a car accident attorney. Avoid discussing the case or handing any legal documents to a third party to prevent compromising your case. Do not admit guilt or share your personal information.

Only share your personal information with the police officer at the scene. Avoid saying too much because you might say something that devalues your claim. Do not downplay your injuries as this can harm your case. Seek the help of a professional law firm as soon as your health allows.

How Much Compensation Should I Expect To Receive?

The compensation depends on factors such as the severity of the injury and the damage inflicted on the vehicle. It also depends on who is to blame for the collision and the insurance policies involved. Other financial and non-financial costs may also be factored into calculating the amount of compensation.

How Long Will It Take To Resolve the Case?

There’s no definite time frame for the resolution of any case. The settlement duration depends on factors such as insurance coverage and the opinions of different professionals involved in the accident. The doctor’s view on the permanency of the injuries or the involvement of a life care planner may complicate the compensation process.

How Will You Charge for My Case?

The best approach for paying an attorney handling a car accident case is through a contingency fee basis. You pay a certain percentage of your settlement once you win the case. The other option is paying an hourly fee, but the contingency fee can sometimes be the better option. Depending on the case’s complexity, an attorney may charge you around of the total settlement.

What Fee or Costs Am I Responsible For?

After agreeing with your attorney on contingency, you may be required to cater for the investigation’s cost. To avoid any hidden costs or fees that may be involved in the case, be sure to ask your attorney all these questions in advance.

Who Will Be Handling My Case?

There may be certain situations where the lawyer you hired isn’t the one handling your case. They may instead have a junior partner or paralegal work on it. Although paralegals or junior partners may be well-qualified to handle your case, be sure to ask up front who will be working on getting you the proper compensation.

How Often Will I Be Updated on the Status of My Case?

How often you receive updates on your case may vary from law firm to law firm. Establish basic communication protocols with your attorney upfront. Verify if they will communicate with you via emails, calls, or in-person check-ins.

What Should Happen if the Insurance Company Makes an Offer?

Insurance adjusters may try to get you to accept an offer without proper consultation. They usually try to protect the insurance company’s bottom line instead of fair compensation. It’s best if you don’t accept the offer without first consulting with your car accident lawyer.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

A car accident attorney will work to provide you with fair compensation. They often work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay if you win the case. Attorneys strive to file the most formidable case possible to ensure victory. Choose to hire a professional to represent your interests in your car accident case.

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