Tips On Fantasy Cricket Playing Strategy

Fantasy cricket has been one of the most popular gaming platforms in India. It is a phenomena that came into existence over a decade, but fantasy cricket witnessed a growing popularity over the last few years. During the lockdown period in 2020, there has been a significant increase in the number of users playing fantasy cricket. The craze for playing fantasy cricket is unmatchable as compared to gaming platforms as cricket is the most popular sport in India. Due to the rising popularity of cricket, the sport has grown vastly in the segment of fantasy sports. 

Fantasy cricket is a popular platform for cricket enthusiasts to create their own team of 11 players and win exciting cash prizes by getting better of their opponents in the contest or league. Moreover, it is a game of skill as it requires a lot of mental application and knowledge while picking up the players in your team. You can showcase your skills and understanding of cricket to your opponents by playing fantasy cricket. However, merely playing fantasy cricket will not help you earn points and money. You need to have strategies in place in order to have an edge over your opponents. Playing fantasy cricket without strategy will take you nowhere. The strategic decisions will help you perform much better than your opponents. 

Here are the tips on fantasy cricket playing strategy

  • Team Selection 

Before you start playing fantasy cricket online, it is important to have a team. You need to pick a team of 11 players in order to participate in a league or a contest in fantasy cricket. The best way to pick players in your Fantasy Playing XI is by doing a research on them, especially how they have performed in the most recent outings. Looking at their recent performances will give you a fair notion whether the players will score points for your team or not. Importantly, try to choose a team that plays a similar style of cricket. So, it may help you to predict how they will perform in the match. 

  • Make Informed Decision

It is important for the users or players to make wise and informed decisions while picking your team for Fantasy Cricket. Random choosing of players will lead to losing the contest as well as the team. Moreover, the players you pick should reflect the strength of the team. If your team is strong in batting or bowling, then choose those players who fit in that category. Avoid overspending on star players and try to pick lower-value players who could contribute positively as well as significantly to your team. Going overboard with flash picks will hurt the team’s chances of winning. Therefore, it is important to take informed decisions while picking the team. 

  • Make Best Use of Batting and Bowling Combinations 

One of the most important factors of fantasy cricket is making the most of batting and bowling combinations. You should have a balanced side to win the match rather than focusing on one department. In batting, it is important to score as many runs as possible before your innings come to an end. This gives you enough points in your Fantasy Cricket. In bowling, try to take as many wickets as possible as it will give more chances of reaching the playoffs. Importantly, pick those bowlers who could perform in pressure situations. If your batting line-up is strong, then pick bowlers who can take early wickets. If your bowling line-up is weak, then pick batsmen who can score runs in boundaries. Therefore, having a balanced side will help you win the contest. 

  • Use Fielding Tactics To Your Advantage

Fielding tactics should be in place when you play fantasy cricket. You need to make the strategies in fielding to the best of your advantage. Knowing where the ball is likely to be hit can help you make better decisions who to field for, when and where. Moreover, always be aware of weather conditions as it might help you make different decisions about your batting and bowling line-up. Make sure that you pick a strong team that has a different approach to the game as compared to opponents’ teams. Also, if a team has an aggressive hitter, then you pick a batsman who is also an aggressive hitter. This will increase the team’s potential. 

  • Use Wickets To Get The Better Of Your Opponents

One of the best strategies you can apply while playing Fantasy Cricket is using wickets to get the edge over your opponents. You need to keep an eye on the wicket situation. If a wicket or a pitch is spin-friendly, batting first would be an advantage. If the conditions are good for conditions, pick those batters in your team who can score runs in a low-scoring match. Moreover, you can earn more points if you score more runs and take maximum wickets in powerplay. A good bowling attack can take wickets and help you win more points than your opponents.

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